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Recommended Software

  • Claws Mail

    Claws Mail is a free and open-source, GTK+-based email and news client. It offers easy configuration and an abundance of features.

    License: GNU GPLv3
    Platform(s): BSD, Linux, Mac, Solaris, Windows
  • In My Diary

    (Last edit: , by humanX)
    In My Diary is an easy to use, traditional looking, multi-language, personal diary application to help you organize all your upcoming tasks and events, keep track of notes and manage your contacts.

    License: Freeware
    Platform(s): Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Fritzing

    Fritzing is a software for the design of electronics hardware, to support designers and artists ready to move from experimenting with a prototype to building a more permanent circuit.

    License: GNU GPLv3
    Platform(s): Linux, Mac, Windows
  • AstroMenace

    (Last edit: , by humanX)
    AstroMenace is a 3D scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game. The game is basically a space shooter...

    License: Creative Commons, GNU GPLv3
    Platform(s): Linux, Mac, Windows
  • CPU-Z

    (Last edit: , by humanX)
    CPU-Z is a system profiling and monitoring application that detects the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chipset, and other hardware features of a modern personal computer...

    License: Freeware
    Platform(s): Android, Windows
  • Simple CSS

    Simple CSS allows you to easily create Cascading Style Sheets from scratch, and modify existing ones, using a familiar point-and-click interface.

    License: Freeware
    Platform(s): Mac, Windows
  • Laverna

    Laverna is a markdown note taking app focused on privacy.

    License: MPLv2
    Platform(s): Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Wordpress

    (Last edit: , by humanX)
    WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Wordpress is primarily used for creating blog websites.

    License: GNU GPLv2
    Platform(s): Cross-platform
  • OpenSCAD

    (Last edit: , by humanX)
    OpenSCAD is a software for creating solid 3D CAD models.

    License: GNU GPLv2
    Platform(s): BSD, Linux, Mac, Windows
  • ConstEdit

    (Last edit: , by humanX)
    ConstEdit is a word processor designed for ease of use. Unlike cloud apps and online html editors, it does not require an internet connection to work with.

    License: Freeware
    Platform(s): Windows


  • What operating system do you use the most? 2
      AmigaOS (0) 0%
      Android (1) 50%
      BSD (0) 0%
      Chrome (0) 0%
      DOS (0) 0%
      iOS (0) 0%
      IRIX (0) 0%
      Linux (0) 0%
      Mac OS (0) 0%
      Netware (0) 0%
      OS/2 (0) 0%
      QNX (Blackberry) (0) 0%
      ReactOS (0) 0%
      Solaris (0) 0%
      Symbian (0) 0%
      Windows (1) 50%
      Other... (0) 0%
    - von humanX

    The average person uses a variety of operating systems. I switch between Android and Windows, but I mostly use Windows.

    What operating system do you use the most?