From PDA to Tablet

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  • I've always been fascinated with handheld computers. Having your personal data and media in a portable device small enough to carry in your pocket, is irresistible.

    My first handheld was a Casio Digital Diary. It was OK for storing my contacts and notes, but pulling the Digital Diary out in public felt like I was waving around a toy Tricorder. No one needs to see that. In the late 90s there were plenty of gadgets that could put my old clam shell Casio to shame, but they all had small displays that had me squinting while performing tasks. Honestly, who could create a presentable spread sheet on a 3.5 inch display with a stylus. Unfortunately, to scratch my itch, I would have to wait several years for the tech to evolve.

    Here's a list of the various handhelds I've owned over the years.

    In 2000 I traded a couple of RAM modules for my second handheld, a Palm 3e.

    My third device was a HP Jornada 720. I bought it in 2001 for around $1000. Even though the Jornada 720 was a powerful device which came with great software, like Microsoft Office, it suffered from a serious's display. The DSTN display was useless outdoors. I ended up selling it a year later.

    My fourth device was a Sony Clie N710C that I bought in 2002. This was a very good PDA that included Sony headphones with a built-in remote.

    My fifth handheld was a HP iPaq H2210 that I purchased in 2003. I traded in the Clie for the iPaq because I needed navigation for my car. The iPaq and TomTom navigation were a perfect match.

    I purchased my sixth PDA on Ebay out of pure curiosity. I didn't use the Psion Revo for anything serious...just for tinkering.

    I kept the HP iPaq H2210 for quite a while...until I dropped it. After that I bought various cell phones, but nothing really serious enough to be of use to me. Finally, in 2012, my kids bought me my first tablet and seventh device, a Blackberry Playbook. The Playbook is a great tablet, but it was designed more for play than work, hence the name. Even though I don't use it anymore, it is still being used in the family for videos and the occasional game.

    The following year, for Christmas, I received my eighth device and second tablet, an Asus Memo Pad HD 7. The Memo Pad is an OK tablet, but a tablet without LTE, in my opinion, isn't really liberated. Plus, the Memo Pad didn't have the screen size or power I was looking for.

    In 2014 I decided to beat Santa at his own game. After some serious research, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE as a Christmas present to myself. I've been fiddling with this tablet for nearly three years and I can tell you, this is the best device I have owned to date. I have looked at a lot of other tablets since I got this one and none of them have managed to lure me away from my Tab S.

    To feed the beast, I also purchased a lot of accessories: Original Samsung keyboard and cover, Microsoft bluetooth mouse, 128 GB memory card, Sony in-ear headphones and a Plantronics bluetooth earpiece for the built-in cellphone.

    It has taken nine devices and a number of years, but now I have finally found a handheld computer that will adequately scratch that take it all with me. :)
    CPU: Intel i3 3.5GHz / Ram: 16GB DDR3 / Mainboard: Asrock H97 Performance / Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7790 / HD-SSD: 1x 256Gb SSD, 3x 1TB internal drives, 2x 2TB external drives / Drive: LG DVD burner / PSU: bequiet 700 watt Gold / Case: bequiet SilentBase 800 / Displays: 1x Samsung SA650 27", 2x Eizo S1910 19" / Mouse: Logitiech G500s / Keyboard: Logitech K800 / Tablet: Samsung Tab S 10.5 LTE

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  • Rogue -

    Never owned a PDA or Tablet. Tablets are too big and for me it would be redundant.