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Abandonware, Affero GPL, Apache, Artistic, BSD, CeCILL, CDDL, Creative Commons, EPL, End-user, FAL, Freeware, GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, HPND, MIT, MPL, Proprietary, zlib

Bible Reference
Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
WORDsearch Basic is a free entry-level Bible software platform for anyone who desires to read and study God's Word. WORDsearch Basic doesn't include some of the more advanced bells and whistles you'll find in the paid version of WORDsearch 11, but you'll find that it does a lot! It has even been described as “easy to use as a web browser.”

Lightning-fast Searches
You're going to be amazed at the powerful searching functions built into WORDsearch Basic. Finding any Bible text or information on any biblical topic is blazingly fast and intuitive. WORDsearch Basic makes it easy to do a "concordance search" on any word or phrase in any book or Bible in your library. Results are presented in seconds.

Easy Desktop
WORDsearch Basic makes it easy to organize your desktop. The program opens each window inside a single, manageable frame that "docks" books together with what you've already opened. Your desktop will never get cluttered. As you open more and more resources, WORDsearch Basic will tuck previously opened books behind current books. Handy tabs also allow you to bring the earlier books back forward.

Built-In Word Processor
This feature allows you to build lessons and sermons by dragging or copying text from any Bible or book. Now you can keep your own work within your library (and it becomes searchable), or export it to your favorite word processor.

Table of Contents Filtering
If your library contains a large collection of books, you'll love this. Just type in a few letters of the title of the book that you're looking for and you'll find your book instantly.

Cross-Reference Explorer
This is a seriously powerful tool. When you click on this one button, WORDsearch Basic will search your entire library, instantly giving you a clickable list of every book you own that mentions the verse you are referencing. The larger your library, the more powerful this tool is! Never again will you need to manually sift through all your books to find a reference.

The Cross-Reference Explorer is like having a Bible scholar at your side who has read and memorized your entire library.

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