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Cross-platform (any operating system that supports Java 1.6 or higher)
According to users, the learning curve for Docear is pretty steep. The documentation isn't very helpful and there isn't much support online.
Docear is much more than just a reference or literature manager. It supports you in discovering, organizing, and writing academic literature by bundling several applications into a single tool. This is the reason why we call Docear an ‘academic literature suite’. What makes Docear really unique is its integration of mind maps. Mind Maps are the key to the unique approach for organizing references and PDFs (see previous chapter) but they also provide you with one more benefit, namely Docear’s capability to support you in drafting your own academic literature (assignments, research papers, books, theses, …).

With Docear you can create new mind maps at any time to draft your own academic literature. The root node typically represents the title of your work. Nodes in the first level represent chapter headings, then follow sub-headings, paragraphs and finally you may create a node for each sentence. The great thing is, you can copy content from the previously created mind map in which you manage your literature to your draft. Look at the picture below. It contains a simplified draft of a paper, including PDFs and annotations copied from the “normal” mind map in which papers and annotations are managed (see screenshot above). In addition, you have all the features you would expect from a mind mapping software and that comes in handy when drafting documents. You may insert pictures, add formulas (LaTeX), format nodes (with HTML if you like), create additional notes, and so on and so forth.

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