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Software Licensing Information:
Abandonware, Affero GPL, Apache, Artistic, BSD, CeCILL, CDDL, Creative Commons, EPL, End-user, FAL, Freeware, GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, HPND, MIT, MPL, Proprietary, zlib

CAD Authoring
Linux, Mac, Windows
SolveSpace is a free libre and open source 2D and 3D CAD (computer-aided design) program. It is a constraint-based parametric modeler with simple mechanical simulation capabilities.

Applications include:
  • Modeling 3D parts – Draw with extrudes, revolves, and Boolean (union / difference) operations
  • Modeling 2D parts – Draw the part as a single section, and export as a DXF, PDF or SVG; use 3D assembly to verify fit
  • Preparing CAM data – Export 2D vector art for a waterjet machine or laser cutter; or generate STEP or STL, for import into third-party CAM software
  • Mechanism design – Use the constraint solver to simulate planar or spatial linkages, with pin, ball, or slide joints
  • Plane and solid geometry – Replace hand-solved trigonometry and spreadsheets with a live dimensioned drawing

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