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Software Licensing Information:
Abandonware, Affero GPL, Apache, Artistic, BSD, CeCILL, CDDL, Creative Commons, EPL, End-user, FAL, Freeware, GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, HPND, MIT, MPL, Proprietary, zlib

Hardware Profiler & Monitor
Android, Mac, Windows
The days of using multiple programs to monitor and tune your PC are over. CAM is easy-to-use and comprehensive, providing you the essential data you need to keep your PC running optimally. Think of CAM as your PC's best friend.

  • FPS TRACKING - Track frames per second (FPS) for all of your favorite games
  • GPU OVERCLOCK - Effortlessly overclock your GPU and push your FPS to the max.
  • ADV DASH - Gain access to a wealth of information including detailed graphs and in-depth stats
  • INSTANT ALERTS - Instant warning when components aren’t functioning properly
  • IN-GAME OVERLAY - Display key temperatures and performance metrics in game
  • CORE TEMPS - Monitor CPU and GPU temperature at all times
  • CLOUD DATA - Review your PC’s historical data to identify abnormal activity
  • GAME HISTORY - See your FPS stats for your most recent game sessions

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