Sidekick 98

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Software Licensing Information:
Abandonware, Affero GPL, Apache, Artistic, BSD, CeCILL, CDDL, Creative Commons, EPL, End-user, FAL, Freeware, GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, HPND, MIT, MPL, Proprietary, zlib

Sidekick 98 setup.exe has to be "Run as Administrator" to install correctly.
Sidekick 98 is a classic personal information manager with a host of features. Even though Sidekick 98 is nearly 20 years old, it is still a useful PIM. Because of it's simplicity, many users still have Sidekick 98 installed on their PCs.

Some features:

Web Publisher
Publish calendars and cardfiles in fully formatted and linked HTML files for sharing on the Internet or corporate intranets.

Support for vCard and vCalendar
Easily drag and drop vCard and vCalendar objects into the Contacts and Daily Calendar views, or drag and drop URLs from Sidekick into your Web browser.

Option to display analog or digital format on EarthTime clocks. Colorful map with enhanced topography and options.

Import and export: Use Sidekick 98's unique Import Wizard and Export Wizard to quickly and easily import and export files in various formats: dBASE, Spreadsheet Data (DIF), ASCII, comma delimited text, and tab-delimited text. In addition, you can import data from Microsoft Outlook 97, Schedule+ 7.0, and Lotus Organizer 97.

Open your Windows Address Book cardfile in Sidekick 98
This new feature also supports Microsoft Outlook 97, Outlook Express, and Internet Mail. You must have Microsoft Internet Mail 3.02 or Outlook Express to use this feature.

Import: You can now import calendar files from Microsoft Outlook 97, Schedule+ 7.0, and Lotus Organizer 97.

Telephony features of Sidekick 98 probably won't work with modern systems.

When starting Sidekick 98 for the first time, do not let the program perform the "automated setup". This will cause an error and Sidekick 98 will shut down. Instead choose "do not setup a messaging system", as shown in the image below.

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