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Software Licensing Information:
Abandonware, Affero GPL, Apache, Artistic, BSD, CeCILL, CDDL, Creative Commons, EPL, End-user, FAL, Freeware, GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, HPND, MIT, MPL, Proprietary, zlib

Audio Mixer
Linux, Mac, Windows
Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians. How does it work? Just pick up your channel, fill it with samples or MIDI events and start the show by using this tiny piece of software as a loop machine, drum machine, sequencer, live sampler or yet as a plugin/effect host.


Ultra-lightweight internal design
Giada is designed to be a fast and reliable audio tool, focused on productivity. Super-sleek interface and 100% exotic dependencies free. Based on few external libraries, you can save it into a floppy disk.

32 bit floating point sample-accurate audio engine
All samples are internally converted and managed to provide hi-definition audio mixing, with ALSA, JACK, CoreAudio, ASIO and DirectSound full support. Thanks to its precise sample-based calculations, Giada can run for hours without losing a bpm.

Multi-thread/multi-core support
The audio stuff runs in a separate process, while the interface is at your command. In this way the music never stops, even during the heaviest processing.

Unlimited number of channels with different playback modes and combinations
Manage loops and events; play samples; mute and stop channels; launch single-shot samples with a key press; compose your song with layered loops, actions or takes from the external world. Use Giada as a live drum machine or yet process live any input and redirect it to the speakers: everything through your computer's keyboard.

MIDI I/O, VST/VSTi plugin support
Control Giada through your favorite hardware devices, or let it drive any other thing (physical or logical) that can read MIDI messages, with support for custom MIDI lightning messages. Use all of your favorite VST effects and VST instruments, transforming Giada into a native VST host, also suitable for live processing. Plugin support for Linux, Windows and OSX, of course.

Live sampler from external inputs, built-in wave editor
Record samples from the real world with automatic channel selection and input delay compensation. Then cut, trim, silence, normalize and pitch your takes via the minimal yet very tasty integrated editor. The core engine is powered by Libsamplerate, providing a state-of-the-art resampling quality.

Action recorder + action editor + live quantizer = total control
Record live your performance or craft it carefully via the action editor, possibly building the structure of the song from scratch. Finally, align the samples on exact fractions of beats to gain an ultra-precise live performance, thanks to the integrated live quantizer.

Patch-based system with support for all major uncompressed file formats
Giada handles any uncompressed audio format, such as .wav, .aiff and many others. All your sounds and actions can be safely stored into small and compact open source files.

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