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Von humanX,


I added a Calendar to userX. Every registered member can create events in the Calendar. Birthdays will also show up in the Calendar. To protect member's privacy, guests will not be allowed to view the Calendar.


I made a few changes to the site's design.

Here is the list:
  • Changed the X in userX from blue to red. I also changed the active buttons and hyperlink text to red too. Also, the new thread icon in the forums will also show up red.
  • The word user in the userX logo no longer sits at the bottom of the keyboard ball, but has been elevated to the middle of the ball.
  • In the Gallery I removed all categories except for Computer Images and Computer Videos. I have given this much thought and decided that if I allowed other categories, such as an entertainment category, then the Gallery would easily evolve into a mix of irrelevant content.

I've posted image and video samples in the Gallery to give you an idea of what you can do there. Posting computer related help videos in the gallery would be really appreciated by other members.

userX RULES apply in the Gallery.

I've also upgraded the Gallery with a better module. The Gallery is now much easier to navigate and add content.


I added a Polls section to the userX main menu. Any poll created in a blog or in the Polls forum will automatically be visible in the Polls section on the main menu. When creating a poll in a blog or in the Polls forum, please choose a poll category. You can do this by clicking the Poll tab at the bottom of the page and then scroll down until you see the categories. This will allow the poll to be visible in the Polls section on the main menu.


The Software section of userX is finished. Currently there are over 100 titles in 26 categories. I will be adding titles to the library every week. If you don't see your favorite title or have suggestions for something that should be in the library, please post it in the Software section's shoutbox.

Generally userX will not host any software titles, instead there will be a download link directing the viewer to the author's download page. There are some exceptions though. For example, when an author has discontinued an application and the software isn't being hosted on the author's site, or the software is Abandonware. These titles you can simply download by clicking on the Download button. The download, in most cases, will begin immediately. This will allow members to access discontinued and hard to find titles.

Only Freeware and Open Source applications will be posted in the Software library. Any application that is Freemium, a diluted version of a proprietary title or software that has been abandoned and lost it's relevance, will not be posted in the library.
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