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Learn how to use a custom bookmarklet to easily extract keywords from Google Search Console and copy them to your clipboard using Google Chrome browser.

Adding the Bookmarklet to Chrome

Follow these simple steps to add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Step 2: Access the Bookmarks Bar

Right-click on the bookmarks bar, and click on “Add page…”.

Step 3: Enter the Bookmarklet Details

In the “Name” field, enter the following descriptive name for the bookmarklet:

GSC Keyword Extractor

In the “URL” field, paste the entire JavaScript code provided in the box below:

javascript:(function() {  const rows = document.querySelectorAll('.nJ0sOc .zRhise');  let keywords = [];  rows.forEach(row => {    const keyword = row.querySelector('.PkjLuf').title.trim();    if (keyword !== '') {      keywords.push(keyword);    }  });  const copyTextToClipboard = (text) => {    const textarea = document.createElement("textarea"); = 'fixed'; = '0';    textarea.value = text;    document.body.appendChild(textarea);;    document.execCommand('copy');    document.body.removeChild(textarea);  };  const copyButton = document.createElement('button');  copyButton.textContent = 'Copy Keywords to Clipboard'; = 'fixed'; = '10px'; = '10px'; = 9999; = '8px 16px'; = '4px'; = '#1A73E8'; = '#FFFFFF'; = 'none'; = 'Roboto, sans-serif'; = '14px'; = 'pointer'; = 'background-color 0.2s ease-in-out';  copyButton.onmouseover = () => { = '#1669C1';  };  copyButton.onmouseout = () => { = '#1A73E8';  };  copyButton.onclick = () => {    copyTextToClipboard(keywords.join(', '));    alert('Keywords copied to clipboard');    setTimeout(() => {      document.body.removeChild(copyButton);    }, 2000);  };  document.body.appendChild(copyButton);})();

Click on the “Save” button to add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

Enter the Bookmarklet Details

How to Use the Bookmarklet

Now that you have added the bookmarklet to your Chrome browser, follow the steps below to extract keywords from Google Search Console using the bookmarklet:

Step 1: Log in to Google Search Console

Log in to your Google Search Console account and choose the website property you’d like to extract keywords for.

Log in to Google Search Console

Step 2: Navigate to the Performance Tab

Click on the “Performance” tab in the left sidebar to access the “Queries” section, where the keywords for your website are displayed.

Navigate to the Performance Tab

Step 3: Click on the Bookmarklet

Click on the “GSC Keyword Extractor” bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar. This will create a “Copy Keywords to Clipboard” button at the bottom-right corner of the webpage.

Click on the Bookmarklet

Step 4: Copy Keywords to Clipboard

Click on the “Copy Keywords to Clipboard” button, and the process will copy all keywords displayed on the page to your clipboard. An alert message will confirm the successful copying of keywords, and the button will disappear after a short time.

Copy Keywords to Clipboard

Congratulations! You can now easily paste the copied keywords into any document, spreadsheet, or application as needed.

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